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Twenty-eight – A Milestone

A couple days ago, I turned 28 years old. Nothing too exciting. I mean, it’s not exactly a milestone. It’s not the start of a new decade and it’s been years since I received any “perks” for my age. I tried pumping myself up about being one step closer to 30 years older, but even then I still have two more years. So what does 28 have in store for me that is going to be any different from 27?

This year, my boyfriend Dennis made sure I had a relaxing birthday. We spent the weekend at Palm Springs and the plan was to do absolutely nothing. When we first arrived, it was difficult to be in the moment and not having to worry. But when I began to unwind and took this weekend as an opportunity to reflect, I came to a realization:

The one thing I want from this upcoming year is to be more in tune with myself. I want to take care of myself. Most importantly, what I really want is to love myself.

When said simply, it sounds selfish, doesn’t it?

But there has to be value in loving yourself, especially in relation to loving others or even just your own genuine happiness. I just don’t know exactly how to get there. I have struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem since I was a teenager and in the fifteen years that have passed, my self-confidence has only seen a slow, unsteady rise. I’m not an expert in self-care, I just know that I need to start caring.

So my first step is going to be intention. I will intentionally work on my own self-care and self-love and we will see where that takes me. My hope for this blog is that I can reflect back on my journey of self-love and maybe it will help another person pursue their own love for themselves in the future.

Twenty-eight will be a milestone because this will be the year I learn to love myself.


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